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We provide housing assistance to families, elderly & disabled individuals through programs like Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME & Homeownership.

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We provide easy access to information & required forms needed by program participants. Participants also have access to an array of supportive service programs designed to maximize individual potential.

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The Housing Choice Voucher Program is one of the best opportunities for lower income families to obtain decent, safe, & affordable housing. Families may choose from a variety of housing types and locations.

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Spartanburg Housing provides affordable housing options in vibrant neighborhoods for the citizens of our Greater Spartanburg Community.

Current Opportunities General Counsel Legal Services J.C. Bull Flooring Project

J.C. Bull Flooring Project

J.C. Bull Flooring Project - IFB2022-004 (PUBLISHED)

Click on the link to download a copy of the Solicitation: IFB 2022-004, J.C. Bull Flooring Project


Click on the link to download a copy of the Solicitation: IFB 2022-004, J.C. Bull Flooring Project



IFB Available

   September 9, 2022
Pre-Conference Meeting 2:00 p.m. EST  September 20, 2022
Deadline for Written Questions  2:00 p.m. EST  October 4, 2022
Response to Written Questions     October 7, 2022
Bids Due  2:00 p.m. EST  October 11, 2022

Anticipated Contract Award

   October 31, 2022

PRE-CONFERENCE MEETING: Tuesday, September 20 , 2022, starting at 2:00 p.m. located at J.C. Bull Apartments, 101 Marion Avenue in Spartanburg. Contractors can ask questions about the IFB and obtain site measurements and pictures. For additional measurement after the pre-bid meeting forward your request to to further visit the sites.

1. What is the age of the buildings/units? The units at Dr. John C. Bull Apartments were constructed in 1984.

2. If asbestos and lead remediation is required, will it be billed at a separate rate or should it be included in the proposed cost? If a unit requires asbestos remediation, please include in your price per unit what it would take to remediate per environmental reports. Please include the number of days it would take restore unit to occupancy.

3. What fittings are required for plumbing? Delta, one handle shower fixture or "equal to." Regular units have a standard shower head. ADA units have a Delta 75700 Multi-Function hand shower or "equal to" installed. The successful contractor shall install flooring up to all sink cabinets without removal. Toilets will be temporarily removed for new tiling. The successful bidder shall install all new plumbing as necessary to toilet and shower.

4. Will the performance/ payment bond need to be submitted prior to award? No, this does not need to be provided at the time of bidding. However, the successful bidder will need to submit this as evidence at the time to award and before contract signing.

5. What is the anticipated budget for the project? We anticipate this project to be in the range of $210,000 to $240,000 not including any abatement as identified and needed.

6. Do these units have separate water shut off values or is there a water meter we can shut off the water if needed? The shut off valve is located in the closet in the bedroom.

7. What are the required warranties for the installation? Provided Spartanburg Housing purchases the material of both laminate and tile flooring, which is stated in the section 2 of the scope of work; the Contractor shall provide a warranty on all labor, and any material product installed in the units that is not specified as the flooring or tile.

8. Can you provide a copy of lab results or any historical knowledge of any contaminants around or in the immediate work area, which may also include asbestos, lead and drywall materials, below the work area, above or around? Yes, a copy of the environmental report can be requested by any bidder through e-mail.

9. What insurance is required for subcontractors? The same insurance requirements that the bidder is required to submit. This is found in section eight of the bid, pages 11 and 12.

10. Can subcontractors have different insurance carriers but the same coverage? Yes, they can. It will be the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that the insurance coverages by the subcontractor is effective and efficient in coverage. The subcontractor will not at any point during the installation cancel their policy as this would be a breach in the contract.

Bid Opening: TBD

This solicitation will require public opening of bids and will be conducted in compliance with all Federal and State social distancing regulations.


All questions shall be in written form and directed to   All questions and responses shall be published on this page.  It is recommended for all interested vendors to register via our Vendor Registry to get notices of any changes & updates of this solicitation.

Click here for published questions and responses:  

Response to questions have been posted as an Addendum. See Above.


All parties interested in this solicitation can click on this link to download a PDF copy of the solicitation IFB 2022-004, J.C. Bull Flooring Project

Bid opening TBD



Spartanburg Housing is a publicly funded entity and encourages and promotes all businesses to participate with the required Federal regulations for compliance with Section 3.  Instructions on how a business can submit can be found here: Section 3 Economic Opportunities


Click below for all required forms to submit:

Click here for a sample contract: Sample Contract



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