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Locations of Spartanburg Housing Authority Locations


SHA serves the City & County of Spartanburg. Offices & properties can be found at various locations throughout our service area. Housing Choice Vouchers can be used anywhere in Spartanburg County.

Housing for Spartanburg Housing Authority Housing


SHA provides housing assistance to families, elderly & disabled individuals through programs like Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME & Homeownership.

Residents of Spartanburg Housing Authority Residents


SHA provides easy access to information & required forms needed by program participants. Participants also have access to an array of supportive service programs designed to maximize individual potential.

Vouchers for Spartanburg Housing Authority Voucher Programs

Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is one of the best opportunities for lower income families to obtain decent, safe, & affordable housing. Families may choose from a broad variety of housing types and locations.

About Us 80th Anniversary Board Meeting Minutes and 2019 Board Meeting Schedule CEO In The News Public Notices Senior Leadership Team The Commissioners

The Commissioners

Board Requirements

Term: 5 years

Purpose: To operate the City Housing Authority, including but not limited to the making of rules, regulations, filing applications for and constructing facilities as approved by City Council in accordance with State Law.

Membership: Spartanburg Housing Authority. A seven-(7) member board with each serving a five-(5) year term. The Spartanburg Housing Authority operates the City Housing Authority including but not limited to the making of rules and regulations, filing applications for and constructing facilities approved by City Council. Four (4) members shall be residents of the City of Spartanburg with one of these members being a tenant in a residence owned by the Authority. The other three (3) members are not required to be residents of the City of Spartanburg but if possible should represent a major Spartanburg County employer, a higher education facility and a foundation interested in the goals of the Spartanburg Housing Authority.

Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

Compensation: None.

Board Members: 


Commissioner Matthew Myers, Chair


Commissioner John Fairey, Vice-Chair


Commissioner Chuck White


Commissioner Andrew Poliakoff


Commissioner Brenda Thomas


Commissioner D. Ralph Settle, II



Commissioner Thomas A. Lounds, Jr., Emeritus


Commissioner Kittie Collins-Tullis, Emeritus



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